In G.O. Ms. No. 181, School Education (C2) Department, dated 15.11.2011. The Government issued the following orders in respect of change of policy for recruitment of Secondary Grade and B.T. Teachers:

  1. In respect of Secondary Grade Teachers, the state wide seniority in Employment Exchange Registration will continue to be followed till the disposal of the SLP filed in the Supreme Court of India.
  2. In respect of Graduate Assistants (B.T. Teachers Recruited by Teachers Recruitment Board for the classes VI to X) in all middle schools, Higher /Higher Secondary Schools, selection through written examinations (Teacher Eligibility Test) in accordance with the guidelines framed by National Council for Teacher Education and certificate Verification, will be followed.
  3. The Teachers Recruitment Board is designated as the Nodal Agency for conducting of Teacher Eligibility Test and recruitment of Teachers.

In G.O. Ms. No. 128, School Education (TRB) Department, dated 23.08.2021, the Government have issued the following orders;

  1. “The validity periods of Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) Certificate for appointment unless otherwise notified by the Government would remain valid for life”.
  2. This order is applicable to the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) Certificate already issued by the Teachers Recruitment Board.

As per provisions of sub-section (1) of section 23 of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 (RTE Act), the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) vide Notifications dated 23rd August 2010, 29th July 2011 and 28th June 2018 laid down the minimum qualifications for a person to be eligible for appointment as a teacher in classes I to VIII.

The Government of Tamil Nadu vide G.O. Ms. No.181. School Education (C2) Department, dated 15.11.2011 appointed the Teachers Recruitment Board as the nodal agency for conducting the Teachers Eligibility Test (TET).

Subsequently Government issued G.O. Ms. No. 149, School Education (TRB) Department. dated 20.07.2018, notifying that TET qualified candidates have to appear for another written competitive examination for the recruitment.

TET Paper Examination Date No Of Candidates Appeared No. of Candidates Passed Pass Percentage
2012 I 12.07.2012 F.N 305405 1735 0.56
2012 II 12.07.2012 A.N 409121 713 0.17



I 14.10.2012 F.N 278725 10397 3.73



II 14.10.2012 A.N 364370 8864 2.43
2013 I 17.08.2013 262187 30592 11.67
2013 II 18.08.2013 400311 42124 10.52


Special TET

II 21.05.2014 4693 945 20.14
2017 I 29.04.2017 241555 16197 6.71
2017 II 30.04.2017 512260 18578 3.63
2019 I 08.06.2019 162316 551 0.33
2019 II 09.06.2019 379735 316 0.08
2022 I

14.10.2022 to


153533 21543 14.03
2022 II

03.02.2023 to


254224 15430 6.07
Total 3728435 167985  
  1. Total available TNTET Paper I qualified candidates but not selected as on 29.03.2023 : 68756
  2. Total available TNTET Paper II qualified candidates but not selected as on 29.03.2023 : 66660

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